Pelatihan Training Rise of 4.0 Continuous Performance Management & OKR


Laporan studi Stellar Workplace Award menunjukkan sekitar 70 persen pekerja kini didominasi kaum milenial atau Gen-Y. Oleh karena itu sistem penilaian performa yang biasa dilakukan perusahaan dianggap tak lagi mencukupi.


Dalam mengelola SDM, sudah banyak perusahaan mengadopsi metode Continuous Performance Management (CPM) dan OKR. 


Metode ini fokus membentuk Growth Mindset, meninggalkan Fixed Mindset, lebih mendorong aktivitas kolaboratif, dan mendatangkan lebih banyak feedback dari tim.


Melalui program ini para pemimpin bisnis sekaligus profesional HR bisa dibekali dengan sistem dan kemampuan untuk menerapkan metodologi baru ini. 



Latar Belakang

About 70% of today’s workforce comprises of Millennials or Gen-Y.  Research has shown that objective and transparent performance  management is highly correlated with engagement of Gen-Y  workforce (GML Stellar Workplace Award 2019 study). Traditional  performance appraisal systems that takes place once or twice in a year using KPI - scoring approach is no longer sufficient in today’s agile  environment. 


The traditional appraisal tends to create a threatening,  fixed mindset. In the past few years, many start-ups and large  corporations such as Google & Facebook have adopted a new method  of managing workforce, known as Continuous Performance  Management (CPM) that fosters a growth-mindset. CPM uses a  collaborative, regular check-ins with non-threatening style in order to  provide more regular and participant feedback to the team.


This 3-modules workshop is designed to equip business leaders and HR  professionals with the process, systems/tools and leadership skills in  implementing this new methodology. Each module runs for 2 hours,  involving LIVE presentations, interactions and discussions with online  participants.



CDHX Participant Benefit:

  • CDHX Clinic Class
  • Forum Discussion
  • Aligned and accredited with BNSP & world class certification
  • World-Class Curriculum
  • Community and guidance after workshop 
  • Best speakers, senior consultants and practitioners 
  • Focus on “How To” learning methods



Participants will get:

  • Modul pelatihan
  • Pre-reading: Rise of 4.0 Continuous Performance Management dan OKR Materi & Laporan Stellar Engagement Report: Rahasia  Mendorong Transformasi Tanpa Pemaksaan.
  • Materi workshop dalam format PDF.
  • Case Study & Group Discussion.



Workshop Outline


Module 1: 

Agility and Continuous Performance Management 

  • Understand five characteristics of AGILE organization
  • Preview new Agile ways of working
  • Understand the problems of traditional performance Management
  • Review and decide if performance rating and ranking is still relevant for you
  • Review case studies of early adopters of Continuous Performance Management (CPM), and the pro’s and con’s
  • Learn from CPM in Facebook (Harvard Business Review Case Study)



Module 2: 

Tools in CPM Goal Setting 

  • Preview the various tools in CPM Goal-setting
  • Understand Top Priority Goals, KPIs, Balanced Scorecards, andObjective Key Results approaches
  • Decide which goal setting approach fits your company needs by reviewing  the Pro’s and Con’s of each approach
  • Develop skills by learning from various practical case studies
  • Walk away with confidence knowing how to improve your existing  performance management systems



Module 3: 

Agile Leadership in CPM 

  • Understand the full leadership practices in CPM:
    • Steps in collaborative performance discussion
    • 4 Assessments to ask in regular check-in’s
    • 7 Questions that drives Growth Mindset
    • Feedback that creates Growth Mindset
  • Apply the best nudges (Influencing without Coercion) based on GML research
  • Map performance & competencies with CPM
  • Leverage Technology in CPM: Virtual assessment & e-Performance Check-in’s
  • Overall, develop knowledge and skills in becoming an AGILE leader that sustain your CPM implementation



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