Pelatihan Training Rise of 4.0 Continuous Performance Management & OKR

About 70% of today’s workforce comprises of Millennials or Gen-Y.  Research has shown that objective and transparent performance  management is highly correlated with engagement of Gen-Y  workforce (GML Stellar Workplace Award 2019 study). Traditional  performance appraisal systems that takes place once or twice in a year using KPI - scoring approach is no longer sufficient in today’s agile  environment. 


The traditional appraisal tends to create a threatening,  fixed mindset. In the past few years, many start-ups and large  corporations such as Google & Facebook have adopted a new method  of managing workforce, known as Continuous Performance  Management (CPM) that fosters a growth-mindset. CPM uses a  collaborative, regular check-ins with non-threatening style in order to  provide more regular and participant feedback to the team.


This 3-modules workshop is designed to equip business leaders and HR  professionals with the process, systems/tools and leadership skills in  implementing this new methodology. Each module runs for 2 hours,  involving LIVE presentations, interactions and discussions with online  participants.



CDHX Participant Benefit:

  • CDHX Clinic Class
  • Forum Discussion
  • Aligned and accredited with BNSP & world class certification
  • World-Class Curriculum
  • Community and guidance after workshop 
  • Best speakers, senior consultants and practitioners 
  • Focus on “How To” learning methods



Participants will get:

  • Training module
  • Pre-reading: Rise of 4.0 Continuous Performance Management dan OKR Materi & Stellar Engagement Report: Rahasia  Mendorong Transformasi Tanpa Pemaksaan
  • Workshop slides in PDF format
  • Case Study & Group Discussion



Workshop Outline


Module 1: 

Agility and Continuous Performance Management 

  • Understand five characteristics of AGILE organization
  • Preview new Agile ways of working
  • Understand the problems of traditional performance Management
  • Review and decide if performance rating and ranking is still relevant for you
  • Review case studies of early adopters of Continuous Performance Management (CPM), and the pro’s and con’s
  • Learn from CPM in Facebook (Harvard Business Review Case Study)



Module 2: 

Tools in CPM Goal Setting 

  • Preview the various tools in CPM Goal-setting
  • Understand Top Priority Goals, KPIs, Balanced Scorecards, andObjective Key Results approaches
  • Decide which goal setting approach fits your company needs by reviewing  the Pro’s and Con’s of each approach
  • Develop skills by learning from various practical case studies
  • Walk away with confidence knowing how to improve your existing  performance management systems



Module 3: 

Agile Leadership in CPM 

  • Understand the full leadership practices in CPM:
    • Steps in collaborative performance discussion
    • 4 Assessments to ask in regular check-in’s
    • 7 Questions that drives Growth Mindset
    • Feedback that creates Growth Mindset
  • Apply the best nudges (Influencing without Coercion) based on GML research
  • Map performance & competencies with CPM
  • Leverage Technology in CPM: Virtual assessment & e-Performance Check-in’s
  • Overall, develop knowledge and skills in becoming an AGILE leader that sustain your CPM implementation