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Pelatihan Training Grading & Total Reward Design

The aim of this course is to provide a knowledge of job evaluation approaches and provide an understanding of how  job grade fits into the broader context of Human Capital Management, and to provide practical skills in the application of job evaluation and grading systems.


This three modules will cover the job evaluation tools and techniques and best-practice processes for evaluating jobs and placing them accurately into your overall grade structure. This course also presents the strategic concept and philosophy for total rewards. You'll learn about compensation structure and systems, and employee benefits programs.


All modules will give you a basic familiarization with the concept and enable you to get a better understanding of how Human Capital can create an added value, especially in attract, motivate and retain employees in a fair way.


One of the fundamental component of reward management in Human Capital is a score of the job and its grade. Human Capital practitioner and Compensation professionals try to fit the ever-changing needs of their talent into a grade system that may not have been reviewed for many years. In this rapid changing and competitive environment, we are always wanting to attract and retain the best individual and high-performer talent through effective and fair job evaluation and grading system, also not to forget to implement the best-practice reward policies and deliver the pay-for-performance.



Target Peserta:

  • Mereka yang perlu memahami bagaimana implementasi evaluasi kinerja, membuat struktur penilaian, dan menyusun skema reward
  • Para manajer HR dan C&B Specialist
  • Para profesional HR bagian kompensasi, benefit, dan desain organisasi



Benefit Peserta CDHX:

  • Kesempatan mengikuti CDHX Clinic Class
  • Berpartisipasi dalam Forum diskusi
  • Program yang diselaraskan dengan akreditasi BNSP & sertifikasi kelas dunia
  • World-Class Curriculum
  • Bimbingan dan komunitas paska pelatihan
  • Pembicara terbaik dari direktur praktisi industri dan konsultan senior
  • Metode belajar yang praktis disertai fokus pada “How To”



Apa Didapat Peserta?

  • 3 module
  • Pre-reading: Materi Grading & Total Reward Design
  • Interaksi dalam group discussion



Workshop Outline


Modul 1:

  • Job Evaluation Concept and Approach
  • Steps in Valuing the Job
  • Tools in Evaluation: GML Point
  • Group homework: Evaluating job using GML Point



Modul 2:

  • Concept of Job Grading
  • Converting the Value into Grade
  • Group homework: Construct the Grade



Modul 3:

  • Total Reward and Compensation Concept
  • Basic Guidelines in Total Reward
  • Internal Equity vs External Equity


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