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Pelatihan Training DX Certified Strategy Execution Professional

Asia Pacific Ed (English delivery)

Facing digital disruptions from companies such as Amazon, Grab, and Tokopedia, incumbent players must strengthen their core or become a disruptor themselves. 


Certified Strategy Execution Professional (CSEP) is a pioneer, most comprehensive strategy management certification program in Asia updated for the digital transformation context.


CSEP is built on GML study on hundreds of execution winners in Asia Paci­fic. It offers the latest concepts and tools that would help integrate Balanced Scorecard with other popular tools (such as Digital Transformation, Customer Journey, OKR, Blue Oceans, Risk Management & Process Management Xcellence).


LIVE online learning in DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION (DX) context that will transform your STRATEGY EXECUTION practices



CDHX Participant Benefit:

  • Join our CDHX Clinic Class
  • Participate in Forum discussion
  • World-class certification program
  • World-Class Curriculum
  • Guidance and community
  • Best speakers from director practitioners and senior consultants
  • Practical learning methods focusing on "How To”



Learning Methods

LIVE Interactive learning with intensive case studies, discussions and feedback



Target Audience:

  • Business Directors
  • Strategic Management  Professionals
  • Business Managers interested to enhance their strategy  execution capability and digital  transformation

(Registrations are valid only for corporate customers)





Module 1: Digital Transformation (DX) & Execution

  • New Customer Behaviors & Journey
  • Need for Strategy-into-Performance Execution Xcellence  (SPEX2)
  • North-star Vision Mission and Strategy Formulation



Module 2:  DX Strategy Formulation

  • Strategy Formulation and Mapping
  • Five DX Customer Network Strategies
  • Platform Strategy



Module 3:  Strategic KPI Management

  • Guidelines in Setting Measures and Target
  • Vertical and Horizontal Alignment
  • 4.0 Continuous Individual Performance Management  Cycle
  • Dual Speed Execution: Balanced Scorecard (BSC) &  Objective Key Results (OKR)
  • Altius Digital Systems to Support CPM



Module 4: Strategic Initiative Management

  • Defining Initiatives
  • Initiative Prioritization and Alignment with Budget
  • AGILE Approach in Initiative Management



Modul 5: Integrating Enterprise Wide Risk  Management & Change Management

  • Integrating Enterprise Wide Risk Management
  • Change Management in SPEx2 Development
  • Pitfalls in Implementation



Modul 6:  Driving Improvement Though Predictive  Analytics

  • Process Management Xcellence (PMX)
  • Mapping, Measuring and Improving
  • Process Analytics in the Digital Era



Modul 7: Innovation Methodology

  • Three Steps in the Innovation Process
  • Innovation Tools
  • Tool case studies



Modul 8: Strategic Review & Realignment

  • Strategic Review vs Operational Review
  • Dashboard and KPI Analytics
  • Final Exam



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