Data Analytics for Business Managers Bootcamp

Ready to Boost your Analytics Skill Set and Take your Data Expertise to The Next Level?


The data analytics revolution is booming! But with the majority of companies still relying on “gut feeling” methods for decision making, there is a huge opportunity to harness the power of your organization’s data and turn it into powerful insights to drive value. Develop confidence in using key visualization and analytics tools that will signi­ficantly improve your reporting and analysis skills.



CDHX Participant Benefit:

  • CDHX Clinic Class
  • Forum Discussion
  • Aligned and accredited with BNSP & world class certification
  • World-Class Curriculum
  • Community and guidance after workshop
  • Best speakers, senior consultants and practitioners
  • Focus on “How To” learning methods



Workshop Presenter

Dr Paul Walsh 


Dr Paul Walsh is a Program Director of the Australian  Graduate School of Management, at the University of New  South Wales in Sydney. He is a leading authority on data  analytics and its use in driving process excellence.


In his role at the university, he has coached and certified  several hundred process improvement projects across  private and public sectors. He has a unique approach to  learning and teaching and uses experiential activities to  make learning informative, reflective and enjoyable.


He has been to Indonesia on many occasions and provides thought leadership to commercial businesses and government agencies though his association with One GML.


Dr Walsh has published widely in research and professional  management journals in the area of strategy, performance  and process management. His book “Measurement and  Management of Strategic Change” is published by Pearson  Education and used by MBA schools in Australia and Asia.




Target Participants

Aspiring line managers and team leaders in marketing, sales, operations, HR, R&D, and any functions who want to realise the opportunities data analytics will bring to management decision-making. 


The workshop will also appeal to anyone who uses the Balanced Scorecard or is responsible for KPI dashboards and reporting. Business analysts, quality and process improvement specialists will also bene­t from the methodologies used in the workshop.



Hands-on Experiential Learning

The only way to learn data analytics is to experience it live during the BootCamp

  • Download the trial version of the world’s leading data analytics software  Minitab on your Windows PC so you actively join the conversation and try  the exercises for yourself.
  • Learn through assignment and coaching to put theory into practice
  • Post coaching of 2 weeks after the workshop facilitated by a world-class coach

Prerequisite: it is recommended that workshop participants have at least a basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel.




Program Package (Include Assignment + Coaching)



2 Days – 6 Topics in Total



Session 1


Topics 1: Introduction to your Minitab data analytics software

  • For participants familiar with Excel, learning how to  navigate Minitab will be an easy transition



Topics 2: Data Visualization Techniques

  • Learn the methods for displaying business data and gaining key insights to inform decision-making.
  • Show the current performance of your business  processes in ways that will bring clarity and visibility performance issues



Session 2


Topics 3: Summarisation Techniques

  • Produce powerful statistically-valid summaries of  performance will enable you to provide accurate feedback for monitoring and evaluation



Topics 4: Cleansing Data

  • Key to good decision-making is ensuring that data is  clean and reliable. Data integrity is at the core of  data analytics
    • You will learn data cleansing and conditional  formatting techniques to detect outliers and anomalies in your data so you can rely on the  numbers you report



Session 3


Topics 5: Achieving Process Excellence through Data Analytics

  • The key to continuous process improvement is the  Map-Measure-Improve framework in PMX®, Process  Management Xcellence developed by One GML.
    • Learn how data analytics helps you measure the  baseline process performance for improvement opportunities. Once these opportunities learn how  to report evidence of change in a statistically valid way



Session 4


Topics 6: Evidence-based Root Cause Analysis

  • Lean how to conduct and prioritize Root Cause  Analysis using hypothesis tests such as T-test,  ANOVA and Chi-Square Test that will provide  evidence where root causes of poor performance exist