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Pelatihan Training Certified Assessor Training

Human resources is one of the keys for an organization to be  successful in implementing strategy and competing.  Therefore, the quality of human resources plays an important  role so that organizations can place the right people in the  right position. 


One way to see the quality of existing human resources is to conduct a soft competency assessment using  the Assessment Center method. In order to get a proper  competency assessment, skilled and qualified assessors are  needed to be able to carry out, assess the entire simulation in  the Assessment Center, and put the results of the assessment  into a report.



One GML Indonesia in partnership with PSI now comes with a solution to implement VirtualACTM as an assessment center  method to measure competencies all across organizations.



CDHX Participant Benefit:

  • CDHX Clinic Class
  • Forum Discussion
  • World-Class Curriculum
  • Community and guidance after workshop 
  • Best speakers, senior consultants and practitioners 
  • Focus on “How To” learning methods



Participants will receive:

  • Based practices in implementing the Assessment  Center and able to respond the competency gap.
  • Gaining experience in the techniques and implementation  process of the assessment center & development.
  • The assessor certification



Workshop Outline


Day 1: Assessment Center Role in The Organization 

  • Role of Assessment Center in Organization
  • Competency Model
  • Assessor Role in Assessment Center
  • Assessment Center Tools
  • Role Play & Case Study



Day 2: Assessment Center Tools & Assessment Center Delivery 

  • Exercise: In Basket / In tray
  • Exercise: Case Analysis
  • Exercise: Role Play
  • Role Play & Case Study



Day 3: Assessment Center Tools & Assessment Center Delivery 

  • Exercise: Group Discussion
  • Exercise: Competency Based Interview
  • Role Play & Case Study



Day 4: Assessment Center Analysis and Reporting 

  • Assessor meeting – Evaluation and Integration
  • Reporting Assessment Center
  • Role Play & Case Study



Day 5: Giving Effective Feedback & Post Test 

  • Concept of Feedback
  • Exercise: Feedback
  • Role Play & Case Study



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