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Fast Track MBA Program 

Mastering MBA in 5 Days


Di tengah gempuran teknologi dan disrupsi, banyak bisnis tidak mampu mengimbangi, dan bahkan tersalip startup baru yang banyak bermunculan. Hadirnya generasi pekerja dan model bisnis baru menuntut mindset dan manajemen baru dalam berbisnis.


Fast Track MBA Program hadir untuk membekali praktik terbaik kepada para manajer hingga pemimpin bisnis. Inilah program yang cocok bagi para pebisnis dan eksekutif yang ingin menempuh jalur cepat, namun tetap padat dan bersertifikat, untuk menjadi master of business.


Dengan benchmark kurikulum dari Harvard Business School dan pembicara pelaku bisnis dan digital terbaik Indonesia, Fast Track MBA Program menyuguhkan framework terbaik dunia, yang siap dieksekusi dan sudah disesuaikan dengan market Asia.



Why Fast Track MBA Program?

We are facing time of volatility of digitalization and pandemic. Corporations unable to transform are crushed by new start-ups. The rise of new millennial generations also demand new way of management.



What is Fast Track MBA Program?

Fast Track MBA Program is a unique 5-day, best practice and practical program designed for both young and seasoned managers, in small or large companies, aspiring to lead and transform their companies into market leaders. The MBA program benchmarks Harvard Business School’s* Leadership Development Program curriculum in order to bring you world class framework customized to Asian environment in cross-functional, strategic topics.



CDHX Participant Benefit:

  • CDHX Clinic Class
  • Forum Discussion
  • Aligned and accredited with BNSP & world class certification
  • World-Class Curriculum
  • Community and guidance after workshop
  • Best speakers, senior consultants and practitioners
  • Focus on “How To” learning methods



The Facilitators:

Fast Track MBA is delivered by seasoned, highly respectable Indonesian CEOs and Consultants who will equip participants with structured, systemic thinking, applicable to today’s business challenges.



CEO Wisdom and Mentors

In facing VUCA, a blend of traditional and new competencies are needed for all leaders. Fast Track MBA Program is a unique 5-day, best practice and practical designed for both young and seasoned managers,  in small or large companies, aspiring to lead and transform their work units or companies into the market leader. 


The Fast Track MBA Program benchmarks Harvard Business School’s Leadership Development Program curriculum in order to bring you word class framework customized to Asian environment. Cross-functional, strategic topic will be covered: strategy,financial, marketing, CRM, operations and project, innovation, HR, and prodess improvements.  These competencies will develop participants to become a well-rounded millennial leaders.




  • Strategy, profit driver mapping and other practical tools/templates in digital transformation, marketing, sales, service, people, financial, and operational improvements
  • Wisdom and mentor by Indonesia’s most successful business founders and CEOs  Integration of digital transformation strategy and execution concept
  • Participant kits
  • Various case studies and GML’s latest 2020/2021 research
  • Two new GML books: Secrets to Execution Winners (2020) and Digital Transformation thru Di?erentiating Digital Strategy and Organization Agility (2021)



Learning Methodology:

A blended learning approach will be utilized to help you prepare before the workshop and get the best out of  the classroom experience. 


Participants will learn from on-line pre-reading, classroom activities such as case  studies, games, group discussions, presentations and coaching, as well as post-learning assessments. You will leave the class rejuvenated and confidence in your new leadership capabilities.



Target Audiences:

Mid to senior level leaders in corporations.

Newly promoted leaders or young entrepreneurs who needs cross-functional understanding of business  management.



Fast Track MBA Program Outline


Day 1

Session A: 

North-Star Vision and (Digital Transformation / DX) Strategy Formulation

  • North - star vision mission values and destination statements
  • Global mega trends, new customer behaviors
  • Digital transformation and platform business model
  • Defining your target segment and customer value propositions
  • Crafting your (DX) strategy



Session B: 

Leading for Execution & Change

5 Leadership Competencies in  Making your Dream a Reality

  • Setting top priority goals and initiatives
  • Planning and organizing
  • Communicating, delegating and In?uencing
  • Driving for actions
  • Engaging millennial talents with coaching and development



Day 2

Session C: 

Financial Management 

  • Identifying your profit drivers
  • Monetization strategy in digital platform
  • Financial statement analysis: P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow
  • Understanding key ratios
  • Budget planning and analysis
  • Cash to cash management cycle: A/R, inventory, debt recovery



Session D: 

CEO Wisdom and Mentoring

  • Sharing of 2 - 3 CEOs per session on various themes:  
    Strategy, entrepreneurship, digital transformation,  people and culture, and execution



Day 3

Session E. Marketing Management

  • 7 P’s in marketing
  • Market segmentation, targeting and positioning
  • Market differentiation
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Creative promotion and branding strategy



Session F: 

Sales & Service Management

  • Territory and account management
  • Customer centricity and CRM strategy for engagement
  • Customer moment of truth mapping
  • Building service culture with 8 cylinders of service strategy



Day 4:

Session G:

Innovations, Risk & IT Management

  • Map, measure and improving your process
  • 10 types of innovations
  • Enterprise Risk Management & Mitigation Strategy
  • Enterprise Architecture: Aligning Technology to Digital Business Model



Session H: 

CEO Wisdom and Mentoring

  • Sharing of 2-3 CEOs per Session on various themes: Strategy, entrepreneurship, digital transformation, people and culture, and execution.



Day 5:

Session I: 

Human Capital Management

  • Human capital management blueprint
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Talent management for employees
  • Employee value proposition & engagement strategy



Session J:

Executing your Plan with Balanced Scorecard (BSC)

  • Building strategy map and KPI
  • Agile strategic initiative selection and management
  • Unit and individual performance: BSC vs OKR
  • 4.0 Continuous Performance Management
  • Alignment with performance and reward