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Pelatihan Training Emotional Intelligence Profile in Digital Era

The current era of disruptive market forces has created a volatile, uncertain,  complex and ambiguous business environment. These challenges increase the  need for Emotional Intelligence to cope and thrive in contemporary  organizations – for example, resilience, empowerment and transformational  leadership are all products of Emotional Intelligence. 


Emotional Intelligence at  work creates an environment in which individuals can become self-aware and  manage their emotions to drive performance, therefore creating within your organization:

  • Leaders that build and communicate effectively an inspiring vision of the future  and set an inclusive tone within the organization
  • Managers that nurture their teams and promote collaboration, embrace  innovation and empower each member
  • Individuals that utilize their preferences, knowledge and skills to be both  personally and inter-personally effective.


The Emotional Intelligence Profile provides a method for simultaneous  assessing and developing Emotional Intelligence. Going beyond traditional  measures of personality and cognitive ability, EIP3 addresses the underlying  attitudes that predict how effectively someone can manage their own emotions  and behavior to perform at work. By utilizing EIP3, organizations can:

  • Improve assessment decisions by getting insight to an individual’s Emotional  Intelligence and Defensive Habits
  • Maximize employee engagement by filling the leadership pipeline with  suitable highly effective leaders
  • Establish and sustain a high-performance culture by cascading the application  of EI throughout.



CDHX Participant Benefit:

  • CDHX Clinic Class
  • Forum Discussion
  • Aligned and accredited with BNSP & world class certification
  • World-Class Curriculum
  • Community and guidance after workshop
  • Best speakers, senior consultants and practitioners
  • Focus on “How To” learning methods



About PSI and One GML

PSI is one of the world’s largest assessment companies, whose markets  include Talent Measurement, Education, Certification, Digital Skills, Licensing,  and Federal Government work in the UK. PSI is well established in the UK, but  now with a strong focus on expanding international business, still on a  growth trend – 9 acquisitions in 2 years and continuing. PSI is also experienced in assessments in more than 50 languages, and has over 6,5 million  assessments delivered each year.



Participants will have information about:

  • The importance of Emotional Intelligence in organization
  • How to measure Emotional Intelligence
  • How to utilize your personal EIP3 report
  • How to sustain your strength and develop your improvements to  enhance resilience, empowerment, and transformation capability
  • Personal coaching and practical tips in creating engaged, agile team



Participants will also get:

  • Training sessions
  • Workshop material in PDF format
  • Opportunity to participate in EIP3
  • Your personal emotional intelligence profile
  • Whitepapers and case studies of Emotional Intelligence from PSI



Workshop Outline:


Session 1: 

  • Agile Environment and Employee Engagement: New Leadership Requirements
  • The importance of Emotional Intelligence in organization: PSI Research
  • The concept of Emotional Intelligence: Transforming from Stress & Burnout to Energy & Revitalization



Session 2: 

  • EIP3 and its scales
  • Review of your personal EIP3 report summary
  • Tips in sustaining your strengths and developing your opportunities in emotional intelligence
  • Sharing session with each participants



Session 3: 

  • One on one Virtual ACTM feedback
  • Developing your personal improvement plan
  • Sharing session