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Certified Digital Transformation Professional

Certified Digital Transformation Professional

Strategy & Tools in Executing New Digital Business Model for 10x Growth

Disruptions of business challenges in the digital era will always occur with the rapid development of digital technology. One of them is the constant change in business competition roadmap


Therefore we need flexible and easy-to-execute digital strategies. With the right mindset and digital savvy talent, your organization is expected to build strategic differentiation and agility to fight disruption.


We will tailor various strategies to suit your digital transformation needs through various methods and tools, such as DX Roadmap, Business Platform Model Map, Managing Data, A/B Tests, MVPs, Value Proposition  Roadmap, and others.


As benchmarks, you can also learn through case studies from world-class companies, such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Spotify, Mastercard, Johnson & Johnson, Anheuser-Busch InBev,  Kimberly-Clark, Yum Brands, and others.


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Course Architect and Designer

David L. Rogers

Speaker & Author

Faculty Director on Executive Education Digital Business Strategy, Columbia Business School


David is a globally-recognized leader on digital business strategy, known for his pioneering  work on digital transformation (DX). He consulted for DX companies such as Google, Toyota, HSBC, Unilever, and appeared in CNN,  CNBC, Wall Street Journal and NY Times. He authors 4 best-selling books, including “Digital Transformation Playbook” published in 9 languages.




Roy Suryadian, S.Kom, M.M

Former chief of Technology In Digital Transformation Banks



Suwardi Luis, B.Psy.,M.B.A


Author and Startup Founder

Consultant to various DX Corporation


Djunaidi Baharudin, MM

Chief of Strategy & Execution Tribe One GML

Leader and Advisor to Corporate Transformation Clients




  • Rethinking competition in the Digital Era
  • Defining and managing your DX Roadmap to transform your organization
  • Bridging the gap between technology and talent 
  • Adapting your value proposition during disruption



Target Audiences

  • Owners
  • BOD Members
  • Senior Managers 
  • Strategy Planners of companies facing digital disruption



Pre–Workshop Activity

Offline pre-test of your Digital Transformation Readiness



Takeaway Certified DX Professional By David Rogers and One GML

  • LIVE delivery & discussions
  • Participant decks and handouts / case studies based on latest DX research
  • Five recent research and publications of David Rogers (e.g. Digital Acceleration in Covid Era, Harvard Business  Review: Aligning your Organization Around the  Customer)
  • Eight videos of David Rogers (e.g. Digital Transformation Playbook, The Modern CFO in Digital Era)
  • NEW DX Book: Diferensiasi Strategi dan Agilitas Organisasi Melawan Disrupsi by GML Press
  • International Certificate from David Rogers and OneGML





Hari 1: Foundation + DX Strategy

  • Defining the Digital Challenge
  • The DX Playbook: The 5 Domains of Digital Strategy
  • Customer Networks and the New Path to Purchase
  • Platforms, Network Effects, and Multi-Sided Business Models
  • Tool: The Platform Business Model Map
  • Rethinking Competition for the Digital Era: Dis/intermediation, Coopetition, and Asymmetric Threats



Hari 2: Analytics, Value Proposition + Roadmap

  • Building Data as a Strategic Asset in your Business
  • Innovating through Experimentation: A/B tests, MVPs, and Failing Smart
  • Adapt Your Value Proposition: Customer-Centricity During Rapid Change
  • Tool: Value Proposition Expansion
  • The DX Roadmap: The 5 Steps to Organizational Transformation
  • Step 1: Define a Shared Vision
  • Step 2: Pick the Problems that Matter Most



Hari 3: Scale-Up your Business + Grow your Organization 

  • Tool: The Problem / Opportunity Matrix
  • Step 3: Validate New Ventures
  • Tool: The Four Stages of Business Model Validation
  • Step 4: Scale and Repeat
  • The Three Paths to Growth and Corporate Innovation
  • Step 5: Grow Technology and Talent

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