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DX Certified Strategy Execution Professional

Asia Pacific Ed (English delivery)

Facing digital disruptions from companies such as Amazon, Grab, and Tokopedia, incumbent players must strengthen their core or become a disruptor themselves. 


CSEP is a pioneer, most comprehensive strategy management certification program in Asia updated for the digital transformation context.


CSEP is built on GML study on hundreds of execution winners in Asia Paci­fic. It offers the latest concepts and tools that would help integrate Balanced Scorecard with other popular tools (such as Digital Transformation, Customer Journey, OKR, Blue Oceans, Risk Management & Process Management Xcellence).


8 modules of LIVE online learning in DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION (DX) context that will transform your STRATEGY EXECUTION practices



CDHX Participant Benefit:

  • Join our CDHX Clinic Class
  • Participate in Forum discussion
  • World-class certification program
  • World-Class Curriculum
  • Guidance and community
  • Best speakers from director practitioners and senior consultants
  • Practical learning methods focusing on "How To”



Take Away:

  • Exclusive Participant Bag
  • PDF softcopy of all materials and Tool kits in USB 500 Gb
  • Vouchers to attend GML or Lutan Edukasi Training
  • Gramedia BSC Step by Stepin Cascading written by Suwardi Luis & Dr.Prima Biromo
  • 5 Top Participants will get Strategy Change and Measurement book by Dr. Paul Walsh
  • BSC Scoring tool in Excel spreadsheet



Learning Methods

LIVE Interactive learning with intensive case studies, discussions and feedback



Target Audience:

  • Business Directors
  • Strategic Management  Professionals
  • Business Managers interested to enhance their strategy  execution capability and digital  transformation

(Registrations are valid only for corporate customers)





Module 1: Digital Transformation (DX) & Execution

  • New Customer Behaviors & Journey
  • Need for Strategy-into-Performance Execution Xcellence  (SPEX2)
  • North-star Vision Mission and Strategy Formulation



Module 2:  DX Strategy Formulation

  • Strategy Formulation and Mapping
  • Five DX Customer Network Strategies
  • Platform Strategy



Module 3:  Strategic KPI Management

  • Guidelines in Setting Measures and Target
  • Vertical and Horizontal Alignment
  • 4.0 Continuous Individual Performance Management  Cycle
  • Dual Speed Execution: Balanced Scorecard (BSC) &  Objective Key Results (OKR)
  • Altius Digital Systems to Support CPM



Module 4: Strategic Initiative Management

  • Defining Initiatives
  • Initiative Prioritization and Alignment with Budget
  • AGILE Approach in Initiative Management



Modul 5: Integrating Enterprise Wide Risk  Management & Change Management

  • Integrating Enterprise Wide Risk Management
  • Change Management in SPEx2 Development
  • Pitfalls in Implementation



Modul 6:  Driving Improvement Though Predictive  Analytics

  • Process Management Xcellence (PMX)
  • Mapping, Measuring and Improving
  • Process Analytics in the Digital Era



Modul 7: Innovation Methodology

  • Three Steps in the Innovation Process
  • Innovation Tools
  • Tool case studies



Modul 8: Strategic Review & Realignment

  • Strategic Review vs Operational Review
  • Dashboard and KPI Analytics
  • Final Exam