Pelatihan Training Business Analytics 

Using Data for Strategic Decision Making

In the digital era, data has been transformed into an intangible asset that adds value for organizations that are capable of utilizing it. Organizations that have superior data analytics capabilities can make more reliable decisions. 


The workshop, Business Analytics: Using Data for Strategic Decision Making, will provideparticipants with relevant concepts and tools to develop data analytics capabilities. 


The workshop will focus on two main aspects:

  • Using data to understand organizational performance and draw relevant insights
  • Using historical data, as well as understanding on future opportunities and challenges, to build relevant predictions




Hotel The Westin, Jakarta



Workshop Facilitators:

Dr. Paul Walsh 

Senior Lecturer @Australian Graduate School of Management, 

Consulted for 100+ APAC Corporations in Data Analytics & Performance


Dr. Prima A. Biromo 

Chief of Strategy Consulting, One GML

Consulted for leading private, MNCs, and government agencies in corporate performance management



Target Participants:

  • Directors and Managers across different functions who need to equip themselves with data analytics capabilities
  • Directors and Managers who are in charge for managing performance data of organization



Workshop Outline


Day 1

  • Data as organization's intangible asset
  • Leveraging big data
  • Using data to understanding organizational performance
  • Data analytics: descriptive, predictive, prescriptive
  • Descriptive analysis through KPI analytics (1):
    • Revisit some statistical concepts
    • Early warning of changes in performance
    • Exception Management
    • Managing the Performance of Business Processes
    • Reporting Performance against Target
    • Comparing Performance across Business Units


Day 2

  • Descriptive analysis through KPI analytics (2):
    • Modelling Trends and Seasonality
    • Modelling Relationships between KPIs
  • Predictive Analytics
    • Machine learning algorithms
    • Decision trees and random forest
    • Machine learning in the real world
    • Using prediction based on neural network
  • Prescriptive Analytics:
    • What is prescriptive analytics?
    • Mitigating biases in decision making
    • Connecting predictive analytics to a business objective
    • Business model for enhanced decision making